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How can i be a clinical chemist?

  1. Aug 11, 2008 #1

    i want to inquire about something.. am now a science student majored in chemistry.. i want to inquire about how can i work as a clinical chemist? or pathologist?..but the last i think it's only for medicine college graduates..but for me as a chemist could i be able to work as a clinical chemistr in hospital or labs? i mean whats the procedures i should take considering diploma..masters.. etc??..

    thanks heavily n advance,
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    I studied biochemistry in the UK as an undergraduate and you could "major" in either Biotechnology, cliniical biochemistry or toxicology. I chose Toxicology

    The clinical Biochemistry major was tailored for work in the health services.

    Ironically, my first job out of university was working in hospital biochem lab. The majority of work in this area was not done by highly trained personnel and to have any form of serious carreer required postgraduate qualifications, entry via the medical profession or a significant length of service (decades not years).

    Things may be different now but have you considered variations on the theme such as contract research.Pre-clinical or clinical CRO's have clinical chemistry labs doing the same testing but on human and animal species, there might be more opportunity there.
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    A chemist can work pretty much anywhere ; you simply need to go to a hospital and inquire there however unless you're have a masters you may need to get some more training for certification with the technical tasks which involve working with blood and with medical documentation .
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    thanks JGK heavily i took ure reply on a real serious.. well in my country 'Egypt' it's not enough to be a chemistry graduate in order to work in clinical labs or hospitals u should be majored in biochemistry or at least studied it for two years like in your case..for we chemist we should take a diploma in biochemistry after graduation and u only have the permission to work as a clinical chemist , you do not have the permission to work as bacteriologist considering their work.. a close example to you: if you were asked to do a Urine test, you will only do urine test chemically not microscoply because the last is for microbiologist specializing..i knows its funny and silly how can one just testify urine serum chemically and stop for testing it by microscope? don't ask me..

    and this is i guess the reason of what u mentioned about finding ppl unfortunately inefficent enough i think it's hard to any clinical chemist not do any test out of his career of speciallising and specially i mean here the microbiology tests like the example i mentioned above..actully our government put strick and tough rules for chemist who intend to do microbiology tests or pathology test (liver,kidney,pregnancy,..etc).

    but i found that in europe and usa in general have a different rules considering this case than we here in egypt..thats why i asked people here if someone passed the same experience ,for you as a biochemist you have the full right to work as a clinical chemist.
    i found this interesting website about this considering Canada and i think it's the same for Europe and the US http://www.csmls.org/
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    yes GCT, i think in canada u will need to do a PLA test " Prior Learning Assessment" before working as a clincal chemist (only if you were not majored in biochlemistry) for we chemist we need to make a progressive advance and experience in the medical field in order to be accepted by medicine doctoes..
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