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How can I display my framerate while playing games?

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    When I'm playing games such as Crysis, Crysis Warhead, STALKER Clear Sky, Far Cry 2, Battlefield 2, as well as others. Is there any way to display my frame rate in-game? Do I have to download a program for this? I heard that FRAPS displays your FPS during game play, but actually takes a lot out of your system, and actually cuts your FPS almost in half.

    Is there anything I can type into the console which would show me my FPS?
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    For Crysis; "r_DisplayInfo = 1" and "r_DisplayInfo = 0"
    Stalker; "rs_stats on" and "rs_stats off"
    FarCry2; "ShowFPS 1" and "ShowFPS 0"
    Battlefield2; "renderer.drawfps 1" and "renderer.drawfps 0"

    You're right about FRAPS using quite a bit of resources. That's why it's not a good idea to use it to compare with other systems out there. It's decent at noting before-and-after changes to your system though.
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    Thank you!
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    Those console commands did work. With sun shadows turned off, I get 45-90 FPS in STALKER Clear Sky. With sun shadows turned on, my FPS goes haywire. Could I maybe turn on some AA and still get good frames?
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    you can do it but its depend that which type of http://www.funrocker.com/games/computer-games.html" [Broken] you playing if your are playing some 3D game than no issue otherwise i think there will be some problem.
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