How can I make a live microphone?

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    I want to make the input sound to go directly to the speaker without using any computer.
    Can you please help me?
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  3. mfb

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    You need some sort of amplifier, otherwise you won't hear the result. It does not matter which amplifier you use, a computer is just one option.
    Feedback from the speakers to the microphone could be an issue if the amplifier simply amplifies everything.
  4. NascentOxygen

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    I assume you mean without using any amplifier? You would have to experiment, i haven't tried it.

    I know you can use a speaker as a microphone. So get two large speakers, 8Ω or so, (large speakers are more efficient.) Have them in different rooms, joined by speaker cable or electrical twin lead. If your friend gets close to one speaker and talks loudly, I think you will be able to hear faint talking if you put your ear close to the other speaker in a different room.

    Let us know how you go. :smile:
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    No.I want to eavesdrop on people.Firstly I have to make sound concentrate on one point by using a parabola.Then I have to put the microphone there and listen it live.
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    It is not sufficient to have something which can provide power... you need some way to amplify the signal (apart from special conditions like the parabolic microphone and so on).
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