What is International student: Definition and 32 Discussions

International students, or foreign students, according to the OECD are "those who received their prior education in another country and are not residents of their current country of study." In 2018, there were over 5.6 million international students, up from 1.6 million in 2000. By 2020, the U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia received approximately 50% of international students. The United States counted almost 1.1 million, the United Kingdom had more than 550,000, whilst there were 503,270 and 463,643 international students in Canada and Australia respectively.

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  1. jv07cs

    Programs REU Opportunities for International Students in Theoretical Physics

    I'm a physics undergrad student in Brazil and I'm about to finish my sophmore year. I'm really interested in computational and theoretical physics and I'm currently in the beginning of this year long research project with a professor in my university on the study of the 3+1 spacetime split of...
  2. H

    Studying Huge difference in the cost of education in UK and Germany

    I have searched for almost all courses and all universities and found that the fees of universities in UK is more than 10 times than those of Germany (if I were to convert both of those national currencies in my country's currency). Had education been some market product, I would have instantly...
  3. D

    Admissions ENS International Student selection - How to prepare?

    Hi everyone, I've completed my last year of high school and I want to start preparing for the selection to get in Ecole Normale Supérieure. Does anyone have any tips? I 've been training on IPho problems and pre IMO ones for a year now, to improve problem solving skills. Does anyone know if...
  4. G

    How can I strengthen my submitted graduate application?

    I am applying for a master degree in Germany. I have submitted my application but wish to strengthen it as I want to be accepted. What can I do to enhance my application? Can I contact any of the professors or maybe the student advisor? Will it look artificial? If so, what must I say? (I am...
  5. Y

    Other Gap Year Physics Research for an International Student?

    Just got rejected by nearly all of my grad schools (one hasn't reply but the chance is pretty small). The funding is super harsh this year in my field and even worse for a student from China. Is there any way for an international student to take a gap year for physics research in the U.S? ( My...
  6. Arceus74

    Engineering Aerospace Engineering for an International student (Advice)

    Greetings, I'm a BE Mechanical Undergraduate and I'm in my third year right now! I have a great passion for Space but ultimately I choose mechanical due to the plethora of career choices and I had a great liking for UAV's(I have a Diploma in UAV design and a Diploma in Astrophysics) Now I have...
  7. Salma Salem

    Programs Masters in Physics for undecided Specialization

    Hello all, I'm currently an undergraduate Physics major in an Egyptian University, I was intending to pursue a masters in Physics in a university abroad (Europe or US) and I have not yet decided what do I want to specialize in, I wanted to ask for suggestions for Master's programs which involve...
  8. Bcsantos

    International Student- Can I get a scholarship for masters?

    Hello Everyone, I am a 3r year physics student, and I am finishing my undergrad in Brazil. But I want to go to Canada to do my masters. However, I need a scholarship which covers my fees and basics needs, otherwise I cannot afford on my own. My options are: University of Waterloo, Perimeter...
  9. K

    PhD's in Physics in the UK for International Students

    Dear all, I am reaching the end of my 4 year integrated masters degree in Physics at Imperial College London. I expect to graduate with a low to medium first class and have taken theoretical modules throughout. I am interested in theoretical physics and quantum optics and want to do a PhD but...
  10. HeisenbergGER

    Plan for study in the US as an international student

    Hello dear forum community, I am a German student, currently engaged in my last year of high school. I am planning to study in the US after I completed my A-Levels. Since I am very interested in physics and engineering, pursuing a career in those field would appeal to me the most. I managed to...
  11. S

    Admissions Applying for a Masters or a PhD as an international student

    Hi there, I am a citizen of Bangladesh, an underdeveloped country in South East Asia. I completed two years of my BSc at Imperial College London, UK from 2009 to 2011. Then, I dropped out due to family problems and spent two years outside academia from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, I enrolled at a...
  12. Y

    Pre-college Job for an international student,.

    hi all I am an international student *Syrian* ,I will be in the US in July as a F1 visa holder. I will be under the TPS status,so I am thinking about dropping college for a year in order to save some money. so I am looking for a Job before going to college ,I know some of you may suggest...
  13. V

    Where can I apply as an international student?

    I want to apply for b.s. Physics as an international student to get quality education, can someone please name such universities all over the world(except MIT,caltech and others biggies) which can provide scholarships. I'm from india, 18yo
  14. Y

    Pre-calc book for an international student?

    hi I am going to graduate from High school in 2 weeks from now... my major will be Electrical engineering at Cleveland state university. anyway ,I want a self-study book so that I can build my foundation before starting classes. I will have around 6 months before enrolling in college. I...
  15. Y

    Testing SAT for international student?

    hi I will be in Ohio in August for studying Electrical engineering at Cleveland State university. now I decided that I should spend my first year at community college so that I rebuild my math&physics foundation because I didn't get that quality of education in my home country. during this...
  16. Darth Frodo

    Schools Physics Grad school as an International student.

    Hi all, I'm studying Maths and Physics at a University in Europe and I have a few questions regarding going to Grad school in the U.S. and I would be ever so appreciative if you all could shed some light on these. Thanks! 1: The GRE I know that I must take the PGRE sometime in early 4th...
  17. S

    Financial problems for an international student

    Hi, I am from a third-world country who studied BSc Physics at Imperial College London (in the UK) for two years. I had to pay 20,000 pounds as tuition fees annually and my parents managed that for two years, but then they had a financial problem when I was about to begin my third year. So, I...
  18. D

    International Student - chances of getting accepted?

    Hi. I'm going to be starting my applications in about a week or so. I'd just like to know my chances of getting accepted based on some info about me. First, here's my list : Princeton, Cornell, Harvey Mudd, Swarthmore, Williams [These are the ones where I know I have very less chance] Georgia...
  19. A

    International student place help me

    HI, I AM international student and my english is not so bad and i have a full Fellowship and i want to ask you about the master degree in usa (in physics) in University not in the top but in average how much it take if i chosse the cources way and is so hard , and if...
  20. S

    International student question

    Hi , Guys . I'm 20 years old international student . I want to apply for an undergraduate physics program at a USA university . I did not graduate from american high school . can you please guide me through some universities but with decent fees . Also I teached myself quantum mechanics and some...
  21. Z

    Physics undergrad for international student

    Can you guys suggest me some universities/colleges (preferably in the US) that have great physics undergrad programs. By great I mean places where there is a lot of faculty-student interaction, small class size, rigorous curriculum and some undergrad research opportunities. In short, places...
  22. B

    Chances of getting into CalTech as an international student

    Hello everyone! I'm a senior in a Gymnasium in Europe and I want to apply to CalTech. Last year I spent in the US as an exchange student and I got familiar with the US education then. I took just 1 AP course there (Chem) b\c they didn't let me take more (it's going to be too hard for you...
  23. S

    Schools Any Canadian engineering college for International student

    Hi! I am from India. In India we have very difficult exams to enter engineering college and unfortunately I failed in that exam. Here exams are nearly 10 times more difficult than SAT. So I thought of giving SAT and TOEFL this year to take admission in any US university. But as I've heard that...
  24. E

    Undergrad at Canada for engineering (International Student)

    Hi everyone, may I know which university in Canada is considered the best for Undergraduate engineering? (most likely Electrical/Computer Engineering). I heard of University of Toronto, McGill, British Columbia, Queens, McMaster, Alberta, Ryerson and etc. I heard UofT is hard to get into and i...
  25. S

    Engineering What comes after materials engineering PhD for international student?

    What comes after materials engineering PhD? Somebody I know has recently started a PhD in materials engineering in a decent (top 20) engineering school. He is mostly passionate about his work and is focusing on ceramics research. Recently he has started sharing with me his fears about not being...
  26. M

    Expert System Thesis: International Student at a Canadian University

    Hello All , I'm an international student , studying at a Canadian university . I'm doing my Master's degree in computer science which was not my major in my country . My major was education and computer . I've studied 42% computer and the rest was education . However , I'm wiling to do my...
  27. D

    Regarding the 'two-body problem' (international student)

    Hi, I have been accepted into a bunch of top 20 Ph.D. programs in math. Now my next problem is trying to figure out with my spouse how to deal with all the practicalities. The problem is that she is graduating with a masters from Oxford and is not sure yet whether she wants to apply to a...
  28. J

    Graduate Studies in the USA for International Students

    Hey, I'm from Poland currently doing undergraduate studying. Now I have a few questions regarding studying in USA. In my country undergraduate course is only 3.5 year and then we have 1.5 year of graduate program. When should I apply to graduate program in the USA? I mean after 3.5 year I...
  29. K

    Schools International Student for Medical Schools

    hi, I'm from the island of mauritius, and I'm finishing high school this year, and should start planning for uni asap. i wish to do medicine, but not here, because we don't have all te facilities. i am doing the cambridge, higher school certificate exams, with Physics, Chemistry and...
  30. N

    Where should an international student go?

    As a student studying for my high school diploma, outside of the USA or EU, how can I get into a university in the USA or EU to study physics? And will my diploma help me?
  31. S

    Schools Applying for US Graduate School as an International Student

    Hi, I am a Korean(South) citizen finishing my undergraduate degree in Canada and planning to apply to US graduate schools. I heard that public gradaute schools are more stringent towards admitting international student because amount of funding is less available compared to domestic student...
  32. S

    Am i classed as an international student?

    Am i classed as an international student?? Hi all, I have recently been thinking about studying abroad (either the UK or US) for undergraduate studies. I am a British citizen but hold permanent residency in Australia and have lived over here for the last 9 years. While researching this i...