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How did you come up with your username?

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    I saw this way back in the back of the general forum but wasn't sure if anyone brought this up again.

    so..how did you choose your username and why did you choose it. Mine is my name and I liked the look of swirlies on the side so :wink:

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    ro - first part of my name
    co - last name

    math = math <3
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    Not so crazy about physics anymore, eh?
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    I'm uncreative, so I just looked at my mail and typed in the first thing I saw.
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    I'm your dad on a pogo stick.
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    Justifiably, I might mind your snooping nature, yet don't ever retaliate.
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    I'm known as Danny Danger (or, more recently, Dangerous Dan) in my town, and Danger is the name that I use on pinball machines.
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    I've been using this name since I was 14. I'm now 21. I use it on my school and work email address. It's part of me.

    Anyway, I was 14 and my friend and I were trying to come up with a cool name for me for Counter-Strike (online shooter game). His was Death_Angle (Typo at first, but it stuck with him), so I needed something equally cool. One of us said S*** Flakes, and the other almost immediately responded with Poop Loops. I forgot who said what when, but that's how it happened.

    And now you know the rest of the story.
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    ....I just like my username..no reasons
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    Mine is something to do with my name :P I'm not very creative.
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    tgt just sounds good, no?
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    The Schrödinger's cat (thought experiment) suggests to me that Schrödinger was a dog lover rather than a cat lover, since except in some notable cases (ie me) you can't be both. The fact that this later proved to be unfounded is beside the point, I found it amusing. :smile: Unfortunately the only other person to get the joke was a colleague at work who thought it was hilarious. English humour eh. :biggrin:

    And also as we know:

    [itex]A_d\neq\heartsuit A_c\:,\;\;\; &\; (A_k/A_{d2} > A_{d1} > A_c > A_m)[/itex]

    Is of course the fundamental rule of cartoonology.
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    Chatroomstud was already taken.
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    I tried to register with my real name but somebody had already taken it.:mad: I don't like adding numbers after my name. Google Spider is one of the usernames which no body has ever used on any internet forum. That's why I have started using this as my "internet name".

    Some people have done an unsuccessful attempt to block me with robot.txt files. :biggrin:
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    Mine is my real name.
  19. Mar 27, 2008 #18
    My regular internet username used to be solemn00090 or solemn0090 (no idea).

    When I registered for zone.com (cribbage purposes), both of those names were taken (no idea), and one of the suggested names was "Correct Jeans". I somewhat liked that name, so my regular internet alias becamse Correct Jeans.

    After a while, the name stopped being Correct Jeans after online people started calling me just "Jeans". Now almost all of my internet names (If they are not Correct Jeans), are usually just a related name followed by "Jeans".

    Essentially, my internet name is "Jeans".
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    I tried several user-names, including my ferret's name, and they were all taken, so I added "-1" to his name.
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    Chi Meson

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    I tried to come up with something quickly, so I looked at the wall in my classroom and I saw a chart of the fundamental particles. I didn't want to appear so bold as to be the "proton" or the "electron" so I picked a meson. I went with the "chi" since it is the first 3 letters of my real name (which has been mentioned in one post...who can find it?)
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