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How disable double-taps on laptop touchpads? Ack!

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    I have a new Toshiba laptop (with Vista, sigh), that has a seriuos user interface glitch problem with it's mouse-replacing touchpad. The main problem, as far ask I can tell, is that it interprets some fingertrip drags as double-taps part-way through, and sends me off into the weeds.

    I've tried the usual tech support and search sites (Toshiba, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Google, etc.), but no help so far.

    Does anybody have suggestions of what to try? I'll get a new mouse and turn off the touchpad soon, but this seems like such a fundamental user interface issue, that there must be some solution or workaround.... Thanks!
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    You should be able to disable touch-clicking altogether (so you have to use the buttons to click) in your touch pad controls. I don't know if you can disable only the double click though.
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