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How to disable Mobsync.exe on window vista?

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    http://yahoo-ans.com/U37HySkeeghwAMrrjT7Ix5XNG_ylv3qid20100228182319AAg_nhakhoa_SQr5/ [Broken]

    i tried it all i think but a lot thats online right now only seems to work on XP not vista

    well this is what i tried so far you tell me what to do know! here my list of failures lol...

    i went to C:\Windows\system32 and took ownership of mobsync.exe file by right clicking and going under properties and clicking security tab and clicling owner tab and changing the owner to me

    then trying to change the name of mobsync.exe so it would not run but no luck

    then i tried to

    use command prompt to do it by

    running this code to take ownership

    takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\mobsync.exe

    then this to give me full control

    cacls C:\Windows\System32\mobsync.exe /G tommy:F

    but no luck i just get a error message

    then i read someone did in regedit but i tried but they were wrong or had a xp because it didnt match vista regedit at all here it was

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\… df3-10306abf19b2}
    if you have a vista you will know there is no currentversion in vista regedit!!

    well hope someone can help because this is overheating my laptop and i need it off or out thanks in advance
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    Try running "msconfig.exe" and looking in the Startup tab. You might be able to disable it there.
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    "Details" link to some Friday 13th essay.
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