How do famous physicists create their formulas?

  1. So how does one create a formula. I've seen that it starts with proportionalities and constants, but how does one connect a constant to a proportionality? Can you provide a step by step example?
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  3. I think you need to be a little more specific. Like, how did Newton come up with the formula ##F=ma##? Still, I don't see what you are trying to get at here.
  4. It starts with observation and insight, not proportionality and constants.
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  6. they look into a cristalball and then they smoke ganja and pray to Manon. And then the formula just shows up in their dream in bright hot magenta (new times roman font).
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    Famous or no, either one fits a formula to experimental observations (called empyrical formulae), or they are derived from more fundamental facts/assertions, where they are then subsequently tested against observation.

  8. thank you cwatters
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