How do I find the distance traveled if I know the acceleration and time?

  1. so if A is the acceleration
    and T is time
    and D is distance

    D = A * T^2

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    Please look at the link. The answer is right there in a big box on the front page.
  5. Sry bud you just sent me a link to a page that contains an HTML frame. go ahead and try that link out for yourself and see. It'll just show the home page.
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    Oopsies. I didn't realize the link didn't follow me down a couple of click levels. I'll have to figure out how to fix that.

    In the mean time, just click on Mechanics, and then on Velocity & Acceleration.

    Does that work okay?
  7. Nope, it's (A *T^2 )/2

    So 9 seconds and 32 f/s (1g) would cover about one quarter mile, 1320 feet.
    32*81=2592, divide by 2=1296 feet. A true quarter mile would be about 9.08 seconds.

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