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How do I get rid of this virus?

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    Ok, i have no idea where this came from but it's here. And i've deleted it a hundred times, and moved it to the chest from my antivirus (avast!) , still it keeps showing up again and again.
    it's in the windows folder, an the file's name is MDM.exe
    the antrivirus keeps on detecting it and deleting it, but it comes again from God knows where. and i'm sick o the on-access scanner message. can anyone please help?
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    Are you sure this is a virus ?
    I did a google search for mdm.exe and found that this may be a program called Machine Debug Manager from Microsoft.
    I don't know anything about it though but if you search for mdm.exe you might be able to find some info that can help.

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    MDM is machine debug manager, but sometimes viruses name their file the same as a system file. What you should do is search your disk for the mdm.exe file, if it is somewhere apart from windows or system32 or servicepackfiles then it might be a virus. Or the file could have become infected, and perhaps there is a version of it in the servicepackfiles folder that replaces the other one each time it gets deleted.

    If you try to delete notepad.exe from the windows folder, you'll notice it reappears. Those files are stored in the servicepackfiles folder and replace any file that goes missing. However if files in that folder get infected then obviously it would keep on replacing an infected file.
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    apple if you don't want mdm.exe to run, simply goto start -> run, type msconfig -> press enter -> on far right tab (startup) unclick the box with mdm next to it -> apply -> ok -> restart computer. Now the program will not load on start.
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    Sorry to interrupt you guys, but... well, I just wonder, how can one start his computer in safe mode? I remembered someone telling me to press some key continuously when the computer starts, but couldn't remember the exact key. Is it F8? :rolleyes:
    Sorry if my computer knowledge is a little bit rusty. :blushing: :frown: :cry:
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    Yes, you boot your computer and as soon as you see the BIOS banner, press F8 over and over again until the screen goes blank and in a second or two, you should see a black screen with the safe mode banners in the corners.
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    It's also possible your "system restore" (if enabled) is bringing the virus back by storing it in a sys recovery image. To disable system restore; go to the control panel and then to "System" , disable and run the virus check again.. Good luck.
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    when you do a virus scan what virus does it say your computer is infected with ,what is mdm actually infected with..
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    Oh, thanks a lot. :smile:
    It's good to know that I remember it quite correctly. :approve:
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    Good point. I have had a couple of bugs that the system restore had to be turned off or else every time I restarted Windows it would pop back up.
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