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I have virus in my computer just can't delete it

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    i have virus in my computer just can't delete it
    i use all antivirus free version pust all programe tell no virus dected
    it activate after i format c:\ part when i just open my computer with out open or instal any program
    i try put my file in part d:\ to RAR archiver and format it work put every time i extracting files using WinRAR the virus activate with out open any file (*.*) or program or html file just when
    open folder with out auto run
    i know when virus activate it create shortcut for folder system on my desktop when it try properties of
    shortcut windows show me massage error
    what can i do to delete it
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    Reformat your computer, AND DELETE THE ARCHIVE CONTAINING THE VIRUS!!! Don't try to run or unarchive it!
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    very smart
    but my file is import to me
    what i try to say the virus didn't inject in to exe or any file form any type (*.*)
    i am upload an exe file to virustola he said it clean put !!!!
    all my file is txt so
    where virus start up if don't registry or ini boot or something else i don't think that ?
    is he in my driver hard disk in part d:\ or in bios ?
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    Hi there,

    When experiencing problem with computers, the first thing to do is come down. Go and get a coffee or a beer (depends on the time of day or night). Then, you could give us a bit more information on how your "virus" got into your computer. Was it when you first booted after buying it??? What is the behaviour of your computer now??? Are you absolutely sure that it is a virus??? Maybe you deleted (by mistake) some important files in your computer.

    With more information, we will be able to get a global picture of the situation, and help you rightfully.

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    Few viruses attack multiple partitions on hard drive(s). If you have a spare partition, install the OS onto that partition. You could buy a new hard drive and make that the primary drive, install the OS onto the new hard drive, then retrieve the data files from the old hard drive, without running any executables from the hard drive.

    I have a pair of hard drives, each with multiple partitions, and an OS installed on each hard drive. I use one of the OS's to back up the partition with the other OS, using "backup" partitions on the hard drives. I also use separate partitions for OS and applications to reduce the OS partition restore time if needed. It's also useful for defragging: backup, compare, format, restore, compare. On Windows XP, after a restore, there's some quirk, that deletes all the files and folders in \windows\installer (hidden folder) after the system has been running for a while, but a second restore of the \windows\installer directory solves this problem (files and folders no longer deleted).

    In spite of anti-virus tools, people still get viruses, some of which are very difficult to remove. Restoring the OS partition from a backup usually works best.
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    all i can say i have some expert to know how virus work (use exploit and Basic programing = worm have small code {or} evil programing have big code )
    so i just didn't see any change in size of all file (exe or dll) type (all other executed file i don't have it)
    all my file in part d:\ are txt or folder !
    like i sadie i upload the test.exe (i named test.exe i put it in part d:\ just to know if virus inject to it ) so all anti-virus show report no virus detected
    so he create sortcut for system folder on desktop and i lose all icon form desktop
    where the virus ?
    if fund i wil analyses it carefully to see all source code
    it activated when "c:\windows\explorer.exe" load my computer
    what can i do just to clear my computer with lose my file
    this is frist time i see like this virus
    i show all file are hidden or hidden system i don't see any file strange just my file
    and "System Volume Information and $RECYCLE.BIN" file
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    From what I understand, you don't really have a virus per say. You ran an executable that you might have not completely understand the behaviour, and it run different programs on your computer.

    Have you tried logging into your computer as a non-administrator. The program might only run if an you have full permissions on the files???

  9. May 26, 2009 #8
    i don't think that
    the virus in The definition of hard disk so every time i open my computer it automating run
    because it writ in first pat of selection d:\
    every time explore trying to show you how many part you have and much free space you
    have each part so when explore read that information virus will activated so you can see
    every part has in first bite import information about part if create or not which system of file
    in that part NTFS OR FAT32
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