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How do I include nested quotes in reply?

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    Jonathan Scott

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    When I'm replying to something which includes a quote, I'd often like to include the second level quote for easy reference, but it gets dropped when I use "reply" or "quote". Is there a standard way to do this (other than copying the quote back in from the original quoted post)?
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    Copy the quote from the original post, or via copy&paste from the post where it got quoted (and add quote tags manually). I don't think there is a better solution.
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    I would use the +Quote link on the original post or just click Reply on both (this will put quotes of both posts into your reply field, if you want to move one quote inside the other, just copy paste from the result).
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    As other suggested it has to be done manually. It was the same way in the old PF. Unfortunately, quotes are often abused, not allowing automatic copying of nested quotes makes the quote abuse less prominent.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    OK, thanks everyone. I had hoped there might at least be some option (although I understand that making it automatic leads to excessive copying).
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