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Am i mis-using multi-quote function ?

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    jim hardy

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    I seem unable to carry a quote from one thread to another using multi-quote.

    Composing a reply in thread A
    i wish to quote from thread B
    so in thread B i highlight and select "Quote"
    It reports "added to multi-quote"

    when i go back to thread A there's no "insert quotes" button.
    So i use traditional copy and paste

    minor annoyance compared to those dropdowns

    windows 7 , firefox
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    Same combination of browser and OS here, same experience. I had just assumed that the list of insertable quotes is maintained on a per-thread basis so adding something to the multiquote list only makes it available in replies in that thread.
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    Reload the thread where you want to insert the quotes, or select a post for quoting there as well (you can deselect it again afterwards). It does not seem to update that button automatically if you select posts somewhere else.
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    jim hardy

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    seems to work. It offered me last several quotes from other threads.

    Thanks !
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    Last time I tried this successfully:

    1. In any posting of the thread, click "+quote"; this will toggle ON the multiquote functioning.
    2. Click on "reply" of every post that you want to quote, and each time find that the quotation is added to your "reply" field.
    3. Edit your "reply" field in the way that you want.
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