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How do I insert math to a post?

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    I can't see a button for that anywhere :(

    So that for example in 1/2 the "/" would be a horizontal line.
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    There's no button. It's LaTeX. Have a look at the LaTeX Primer.
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    You use ##\LaTeX##, for which see the guidelines: (point 6)

    (##\TeX## commercial:)

    It's so easy ! just put ## or $$ around the expression to get ##LaTeX## .

    So $$(aB/2)t^2 + vB(initial)*t - vA(initial)*t + xBi = 0$$ becomes $$(aB/2)t^2 + vB(initial)*t - vA(initial)*t + xBi = 0$$

    Then: superscripts come with ^ and subscripts with _ and grouping goes with curly brackets {...}

    You learn from other posts with a right-click on the formula and picking Show Math as ... ##\TeX## commands.

    For your question: \frac {a+2} {b} gives ## \frac {a+2} {b} ## and {1-2-3\over 4-5-6} gives ##{1-2-3\over 4-5-6} ##

    [edit] by the way: :welcome: !! And don't hesitate to post whatever. We are used to imperfection (we only strive for perfecetion :smile:)

    [edit] perfection (unintended, but fortunate typo -- I like having it there :rolleyes: )
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    Thanks a lot to everyone for the info! I have used LaTeX before, I'll have to try to recall how to use it...
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