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How Do I Know If Engineering or Physics Is For Me?

  1. Nov 11, 2012 #1
    Why did y'all choose one over the other?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I started off in engineering because I had a scholarship for it and I was desperate to get out of my home town. I switched to physics because engineering was boring. Follow your passion.
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    I've always liked science but started out in engineering because I didn't have calculus in high school and was scared of math... I soon discovered that I loved math but found engineering classes to be shallow. After my first year I made the switch to physics and have enjoyed it so far.
  5. Nov 11, 2012 #4
    Well, in my case, it was math vs compEE. (I did consider physics a long time ago). But I realized that math is only a hobby for me and that I'm fascinated of how electronics and machines work and their constructions. I also realized that classical mechanics (by this, I refer to typical physics 1 with calc course: rolling, work, projectile, etc) is just too tedious and boring. On the contrary, doing physics problems involving a circuit design is suddenly interesting. Fortunately, I am minoring (essentially double majoring) in pure maths just for interests but with no intention to pursue it in grad school.
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    Engineering is in my blood (my granddad worked on the Mercury mission, and all of my great uncles were engineers), but I really have a passion for astronomy/astrophysics. I'm overwhelmingly fascinated by other worlds. I have yet to see if I'm talented enough to achieve my goals, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I think it's a lot like interpersonal love; one just knows.
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  7. Nov 12, 2012 #6
    I started out as an electronics engineer, mainly because I wanted to know how electronics works. I moved on to nano-electronics to make electronics of nanometer scale. Now I am more interested in physics and would like to pursue physics academically.
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