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How do I make a Complex 'C' in Latex for sets?

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    Hello all, I was wondering how to make that nice looking Complex 'C' when writing a set in Latex. For example,
    $$\{k\in C\mid k>0\}$$ looks okay but can be better.
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    \mathbb{C}? (The ? is not a part of it)
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    $$\{k\in \mathbb{C}\mid k>0\}$$

    That's it, thanks!
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    No problem! For future reference, other common LaTeX fonts include

    Bold \mathbf [itex]\mathbf{a},\mathbf{A}[/itex]
    Roman (not italicized unlike the regular math text) \mathrm [itex]\mathrm{a},\mathrm{A}[/itex]
    Fraktur \mathfrak [itex]\mathfrak{a},\mathfrak{A}[/itex]
    Calligraphic \mathcal [itex]\mathcal{A}[/itex]
    Script \mathscr [itex]\mathscr{A}[/itex]

    And probably something I forgot.
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