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Homework Help: How do i practise drawing this diagram.its very difficult

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    please click on the image for a larger view.please somebody tell me is there any technique to follow to draw this diagram in exams.by seeing i can easily draw it but without seeing i cannot draw.please i need some tips
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    Do you have to draw this in exam?I doubt it.
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    Draw only the real essentials:

    Can you get by drawing one ray or two rays instead of 5 rays?

    Drawing only the outer two rays gives you the shape of the beam and if you need more rays then you've drawn the boundaries already making it easier.

    Of course your other option is to get a tattoo but I think that would be far more painful... :smile:

    Another option is to draw what you need in different colors, so that they will stand out in your mind:

    black for the lens, blue for the the rays, red for the angles...
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    It will be much easier to reconstruct the drawing if you understand the concepts behind it. It is just a convex lens that focusses a set of parallel rays. Question is why is the lens at an angle?
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