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How do I save equations on a ti-36x pro for future calculations?

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    Can anyone help me on how to save functions on a ti 36x pro for future calculations?

    I am doing a lot of plug and chug calculus and physics problems that would save me time if I knew how to save the functions and real them later, by changing what x is.

    Ie. Newtons method to finding roots when the domain is not given. Linearization (relative error) etc.

    Thanks. I will give big hug to first poster
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    It may not have this feature, I think the ti-89 has it though with its scrolling display.
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    For other's future reference. Yes, the Ti-36 Pro version can hold one program / equation in memory, plus whatever you leave on the stack (where you can go and re-use). However it can be easily cleared and lost on the stack. See page 30 of your owner's manual for details on storing up to 44 characters into permanent memory.

    The stack is very useable, just that it can be cleared and lost very easily. It is retained on power down, which is better than the Casio line which clears all memory on power down.
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