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How do ointments work when we have burns on the skin

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    how do ointments work when we have burns on the skin
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    Re: burns


    1. they can be vectors for antibiotic delivery
    2. they can provide limited barrier protection against pathogens entering into the wound
    3. they can provide relief physically by delivering numbing agents such as any ingredient with the suffix 'caine or by lubricating the otherwise scaly grindage associated with scabs.

    1.they can limit oxygen access which can foster bacteria that are unhelpful or dangerous if a burn is really bad.
    2. the natural scaling is a better barrier to pathogens
    3. people tend to put them on without washing hands first, in this case the gel medium may hold bacteria against the wound, especially in the case of aloe vera which is not broadly germicidal. even if you did wash your hands, 99% of the time you rub the tip of the applicator which is just holdover bacteria from previous wounds...then they get cross contaminated into the new one so sterility is needed when using them and handling the containers.
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    Re: burns

    Cant they also help upregulate p53? if not, they should make some that can =)

    p.s. the medical term for burns is "ouchy"
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