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How do you get into physics when you already graduated?

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    Hi everyone,

    I've always had an interest in science, which led me to my current situation as a graduate researcher in a softer science (experimental psychology). I'll be graduating with a Masters degree next semester, and going into a career in human factors psychology. Unfortunately, I never considered studying one of the hard sciences until it was too late, which is what I now regret. I find psychology interesting, but also lacking. I want to learn other scientific disciplines both as a matter of pride, and personal interest.

    My question is: If I'm interested in learning about physics, but going back for a degree isn't an option for a number of years, where do I start? I want to go back to school someday, but I don't want to sit around until then either. I only have the opportunity to take a 3 credit elective before graduating at this point.
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    You are never bound to any fate nor too late. Self study until you can gather save enough to go back to school.
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    Well you can use that 3-credit elective to take physics I and see if you actually like it or not. Physics involves a lot of mathematics and is very different from psychology - you may find that your impression of physics and what physics is actually like are very different.
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    I'd say that the math is one of the things I'm more interested in learning.
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