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How do you study?

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    I have kind of been having this problem and really do not have an answer to it?
    What is the right way to study and REMEMBER what you have studied anything?
    In physics for example i will study something and a week later it will seem like it is already forgotten. :confused:
    It is only when i study the same thing over and again three times or more that i begin achieving mastery over a topic. Is this the same with everyone in this forum, because the way the questions are answered seems like things are so easy? When they may seem not?
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    You can't expect to quickly study something, and then remember how to do it! It takes a lot of going over subjects before you learn a subject properly. And, of course, any type of problem is going to be harder the first few times you see the type of question. My advice- dont be put off, and keep on working, revising and reviewing as much as you need to before you think your knowledge of the area is good enough.
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    Right on, repeated practice is the way to go
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    Every person owns his own strategy; the common procedure that you are describing: learn-forget-learn again-forget- and so on is absolutely normal and ok. Don't worry about this. Just a personal remark: I remember better when I write what I am learning. Be patient; work and work and work; don't forget to have some relaxing activities to totally forget ... and learn again
    Best regards and good luck
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    When it comes to problem solving classes, physics, math, circuits, etc... I try and do all the homework problems at least 3 times between the time they are first handed out and the day of the test.

    By the time I do them for the 3rd or 4th time, I can usually do each problem in less then 5 minutes without looking at the book and usually without consulting a formula sheet. This firmly fixes the procedure for solving the problems in my mind and makes it a lot easier to deal with problems that may be trying to trick you with extra information or changing up which information or values given in the problem.

    If fully worked solutions are given for the homework and you worked the problem out differently, make sure you understand the provided solution also.
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    Yup, there is no fast track method to learning. When it comes to courses that require you to solve difficult problems, it is safe to expect you will not be able to do it quickly until later. Best way to learn it is by doing it many times.
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    Through my undergrad, I found that in addition to all the usual study techniques, two things in specific helped me a lot. First, I studied in groups. Second, I spent most of my study time working problems. Reading the book does help, but to get that "extreme familiarity" with the material, you really need to just work a ton of problems.
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