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How do you think of Villanova Univ?

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    Hi, everyone. I am applying to pursue a Ph.D in mechanical engineering.
    I have known that some professors at Villanova University are recruiting new Ph. D candidates next year. But I could not find the ranking of this university at US News. How do you think of this university? Is it strong in mechanical engineering?
    I am interested in work of the professors, but I am concerned about whether I could find a good job after I graduate from this university.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?
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    Depends on YOU, what you do with your degree. That school is my alma mater, and I know tons of engineering grads from that school. They all seem to have had steady employment since. Several have gone to work for SUNOCO, and make close to 6 figures or more with just their bachelor's degrees in ME.

    You don't find a rankings because 'Nova hasn't had PhD programs in a long time since they mostly focused on undergraduate education (not a research institution) and master's degrees. It sounds like they've opened up to PhD programs now, so it is probably a new program, hence not being ranked.
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    Thanks! I love Philadelphia, so I hope to get my graduate eduation in Penn state. I think Villanova is a nice choice since it has available Ph.D positions in this field I am interested in.
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