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How does a battery work and mostly those you can recharge

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    How does a battery work and mostly those you can recharge, I’m not able to find some useful info that tells how exactly how a battery work, I will like to do some battery experiment.
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    The internet is literally strewn with information about batteries. You might want to start with the Wikipedia page on batteries, or the simpler explanation available under "galvanic cell:"


    The section labelled "Description" gives a very direct and simple explanation of battery electrochemistry.

    You should also consider going to your local library and looking up some books on batteries. You will find many.

    If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

    - Warren
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    Thank you, I will like to know how the electrodes are capable of holding that charge and how the electrolyte operates the stuff.

    I’ve previously build a Galvanic cell with only CuSO4 as electrolyte, and copper and iron electrodes, but power is sort of crappy and only last until the iron has formed a Copper layer

    I’ve also did a weird one with HCL acid and copper and Aluminium as electrodes, but this puppy gives of large amount of hydrogen and some choking chorine gas, but has a high Amp output and voltage, the HCL really doesn’t like Aluminium, it attacks it, I will really like to know why?
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