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How does one finish something you've started ?

  1. Aug 17, 2013 #1
    How does one "finish something you've started"?

    In this case,its a graduate degree that I hated once but have come to the realisation that I need to finish-it to survive.

    These are the steps I've taken after I've re-enrolled:

    1.Since its a degree in engineering,I've worked in the workshop as a mechanic to gain practical experience.

    2.Been reading ample amount of 'extra' material to supplement my interests in the subject. It seems cancer patients read a lot of books and material to suppress their fear of death, I've done the same.

    3.Kept myself busy for a year before re-enrolment with a job that pays.

    My concerns:

    Just before I took the 'sabbatical',I had failed in my course-work and this was the reason I cited for 'taking a break from the degree'. These failures and the fact that the professors/staff weren't very receptive to my subject doubts still plague my mind. I'm afraid this might happen again as I don't speak the best German.

    What I would like to hear from you:

    Your experiences on 'finishing something you've started' and then realized its not your best interest.

    Your advice also of-course.
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    It's not at all clear why you took a break from your studies in the first place. You did poorly in your coursework - okay, I can understand that, but that's a symptom, not a disease. Then you say something about the professors not being very receptive to your "subject doubts." I think you need to expand on this a little bit more. Are you saying that there's something in the field that you're challenging? Or that you can't accept?

    The reason this is important is that if in coming back to finish this graduate degree you have not identified the underlying cause for why you left in the first place, then you're in a position for history to repeat itself.

    Unfortunately realizing the "need" to finish, for whatever reason, is not really going to solve your problem.

    If communication is an issue, then you have to work on that. Simply meeting the entry requirements for a program is only a first step. You need to be fluent enough to effectively communicate your ideas. Most universities (in North America anyway, I can't speak for Germany) will have programs set up to assist you - short courses in technical writing, conversational classes... whatever you need. Take advantage of them.
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