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How does Quantum Physics solve the ultraviolet catastrophe?

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    I understand how classical theory was wrong about blackbody radiation with the intensity reaching infinity as the frequency increased. However, I don't understand how the problem is solved with quantum physics. How does the fact that electromagnetic radiation be transfered as discrete packets of energy solve the ultraviolet catastrophe?

    If someone could clear me up on the subject, it'd be really nice.

    Thank you
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    The best is to read the original paper form Max Planck.
    Just now, I can not more find it on the Web. Here is the best approximation :

    Here it is :
    http://theochem.kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp/Ando/planck1901.pdf [Broken]

    You have written a common mistake : Never Planck quantized energy, but action.
    Planck was not a bum...
    His reasoning from entropy, is from a master, the master of his time.
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    Here is a more 'laymans' explanation. Hope it is not inaccurate.:smile:


    Quantum Mechanics didn't solve the problem, Planck did at a time when Q.M did not exist yet.
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