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How does switching programs work?

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    I'm a canadian high school student who recently got into Queen's University for engineering. Now this is great and all, but recently I've come to the realization that economics/finance is my true passion. If I went to Queen's how long would it be before I could switch programs. And in general how does the process of switching programs work.

    Thank you
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    well its different for each school but I think in this case you might be able to switch your program to economics/finance for the upcoming fall session if you talk to the admissions office at Queens right away.

    As for how switching programs work that again depends. If you just switching from programs in the same facility like biochem to physics major its a relatively smooth process but if your switching facilities (your case) then its like submitting your ouac form again. If you dont get your program switch for the fall session you could probably switch into the economics program for the winter session by filling out a special form at your university.

    In either case I would highly recommend getting on the phone with the admissions office at Queens asap in order to get into the fall session.
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