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How does the Energy of a particle stay together?

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    How does the Energy of a particle stay together in a sphere?

    Unlike photons, particles---electrons, neutrinos, quarks, etc-- hold onto their energy. But how? I use to speculate, thinking that maybe photons could fluctuate into some sort of endless ring/sphere of infinity creating a particle... but I'm really not sure.
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    They are not spheres. They are structureless points (in SM). They dont need anything to hold them together.
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    Well what causes energy to stand still in particles vs move and cover distance as in photons?
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    Energy isn't some physical object that can move around freely. It's a property of particles or systems that is conserved.
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    I dont understand your question.
    I understand every word separately, but not the question at whole.
    Are you asking about the difference between particles without rest mass (photons) and particles with rest mass?
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    Yeah that's what I'm asking
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