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How does the planet earth exist?

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    How does the planet earth exist?

    can you please give me a lead on where should I start on this topic? what are the aspects why earth exists? thank you.
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    Please explain what you mean. Are you asking how it was formed? Are you asking how it remians in orbit around the sun? Are you asking about the ecosystem?

    You could very easily do a search on google or another search engine and find these answers.
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    You asked how the Earth was formed. You want to understand more about it. I would start by reviewing the big bang. This will lead you quickly into the world of astrophysics and nuclear fusion in the expansion of chemical uniqueness with cooling and re-warming. What is a bit mysterious is the difference between the inner four molten core planets and the outer four gas core planets. Uranus may now have a non-gas core. The two sets are likely to have been formed by different large (blue variable) star explosions. Outside the gas planets are the frozen water bodies, presumably from a third star explosion. I have already speculated on this forum about the Earth’s water coming from an early collision with one of these.


    What is especially fascinating is the similarity of rotational direction and near planarity of the solar system’s motion, induced by subtle resonances and long periods of time. You cannot escape the need to see what life has done to and for the Earth. Archaea are particularly useful to understand. The Earth we have now is the product of all of these elements.

    Good luck!
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