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I How electrons move in subatomic world?

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    Guy guy, i just learn a little bit about quantum physics and i know that electrons is not particles.
    But i dont understand how it move.
    By the way im only a secondary school student.
    If you explain it clearly and easy to understand i'll be very happy.
    But thank you all for taking time to help me!
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    Electrons can be both waves and particles and it's the conditions that determine whether they should behave like a wave or particle. They can exist as a region of space with high probability of finding the electron and within that space, they can literally teleport around.
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    when they are waves
    when they are particles
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    Oh please, not that again. Wave-particle duality is an outdated concept! Electrons are quantum particles not classical particles nor waves. There are plenty of threads here about that, use 'search'.
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    If any interactions "look" for their wave like characters, they behave like waves while any interactions that "looks" for their particle characters, they behave like particles.
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    @Quantum Velocity and @Trollfaz please read the links provided by @weirdoguy

    As he says, the wave/particle duality is an outdated concept. And @Trollfaz please be careful not to spread misinformation. That is not allowed at the PF.

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