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I How elementary particles form matter

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    So i wonder how elementary particles which are said to have no physical extension on a larger scale are able to form what is known to us as matter? Aka stuff with an observable physical extension.
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    That elementary particles are point-like does not mean that they cannot interact at a distance. What stops you from smashing your hand through the table is really electromagnetic interactions between the molecules in the table and the molecules in your hand. Just as it is electromagnetic interactions that keep the molecules together. Most of what you experience in everyday life that is not due to gravity is due to electromagnetic interactions.
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    The nucleus and electrons in atoms are not touching - they are about an Angstrom apart.
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    To add to what others have already said, 99%+ of what you think of as matter with "observable physical extension." in 3D is actually totally empty space.
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    Ok, thanks everyone! Your answers helped me understand how i went about it wrong :)
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