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How feasible is this Halloween idea?

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    Halloween is fast approaching, and I'm stuck here without any good costume ideas.

    Someone suggested that I be a Jedi, but a Sith is more appealing. And even then, I'd want to go all out.

    Would it be possible to make a glove with special pads in the fingertips and get electricity to arc between them? Excluding the thumb, the distance for a jump shouldn't exceed three inches.
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    Like this?

    http://www.deviantart.com/download/196445107/lightning_gloves_by_furious_midget-d38yi0j.jpg [Broken]

    Hold on till one of the more experienced posters in this field turns up, but I'd imagine that would take a good deal of energy.

    Apologies for the huge pic, i didn't expect that!
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    I'm not sure how much energy it would take, but I'm sure it wouldn't be safe at a party
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    Yeah, similar to that. It wouldn't have to be on for very long. 1 - 1.5 second bursts should be enough.
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    I wouldn't have it on all the time, just for demos.
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    Wear thick nylon socks and run around with your shoes off lol

    I think you may have to scale it back a little bit. How about an LED light show?
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    That's a bit too dangerous for discussion at the PF. Sorry, thread is closed.

    EDIT -- I like cake's LED alternative much better! :smile:
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