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How harming will be this boxing or street boxing?

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    Hello =). Well ive been training for 5 months, now i wana test my abilities, in my high school, guys make fights of 3 minutes, with gloves and only boxing(boxing technique is what ive been training). Im physicaly feet, i have devastating punching power, so the question will be, how much brain damage will be to do this fights once in a month. I wana beocme a physicist or a an engineer so this year will be the last i do this kind of stuff.
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    This sounds like an incredibly bad idea
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    No brain damage If you don't get hit.:rofl:
    I just realized that the fights are organized by "guys at high school". If the fights are not organized by someone competent. Like a professional trainer in a club with clear rules you should not do it.
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    You really should http://store.titleboxing.com/headgear.html" [Broken]. Oh and a mouth guard - you'll miss your teeth when they're gone!

    If you don't have that kind of equipment, then you and your partner have to pull your punches (i.e., don't hit full force). Also, don't spar like this with beginners, it's a hard thing to learn and novices aren't good at it.
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    Actually headgear just help fro bruises but not for the brain damage. Myabe if i only do it one in a year? 2 minutes of hits to the brain, how hard can it be, and im not planing to loose.
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    Perhaps it's too late already? :bugeye:
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    Hhahahaha yeah maybe, i practiced boxing 1.5 years ago and i suffered horrible hooks.
    My first fight was with a guy with 2 years of boxing experience, i haded 0, maybe thats why i lived that in 3 weeks of suffering. Or it could be that my native lenguage is spanish and not english also i live in a 3rd world country xD.
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    This is an easy question to answer: when you're fourty, to you want your brain to look like that of a 90 year old alzheimers patient? If yes, then fight, if not, then maybe a day job would be wise.
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    Andre is Dutch... meaning English is not his first language either. I would consider that for a time.
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    Inducing brain damage is not something you'd to do if you want to get into a field where you need to be using said brain for your career. You have nothing to gain and much to lose.
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    Chi Meson

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    When I think of "Physics" and "Boxing," I think ofhttp://www.conceptualphysics.com/pghewitt.shtml" [Broken].

    Make of it what you will. I don't like the sport myself, but I also don't like to judge, and Paul Hewitt may just be the most important Physics educator of the last half-century.
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    Being around martial arts for a lot of years now, where safety has always been addressed, I have still seen injuries during sparring and matches. There are organizations that only allow light contact and there are ones that go for the knockout. In my opinion, you can learn to become a very good fighter without having to get beat up or knock out someone.

    Think what your unsanctioned event would be like if you should get in a good shot that killed your opponent. Just food for thought.
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    Manslaughter that, like the "case of the eggshell skull" test case for young lawyers.
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    Don't box while worrying about your brain.
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    I spit cola when I read this (from a laugh). My keyboard hates you, but I love you for it! :)
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    Alex: I do not think that it is necessarily that bad for you unless you are boxing frequently and taking several heavy blows to the head. I may be wrong but I believe it is usually in the upper weight classes that it starts to become a serious issue. Either way there is not really any way to know what will happen. You could wind up with a head injury in your very first fight.

    Be very careful and consider your decision well.

    If I am not mistaken Andre is also older and has more experience with the language. He was perhaps just playfully chiding him. We do not generally tsk tsk over the english skills of people on this forum when it is their second language.
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    Well apart that i want to probe my skills, i do it to becouse i want to know if i am capable of defending the ones i love, imagine one day a guy wants to abuse or make feel bad my girl, also in my school you need to be kinda strong and guys think that i am tough guy.
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    It is my second language as well... and I should add, my native tongue is not so related to English as romance languages such as Spanish.

    AlexES16: Tough men do not fight for the love of it, and defense of others is rarely a fist-fight. A scrawny girl with great aim could put you on the ground before you could throw a punch. Violence is not the answer to make one safe, and if you want to be tough that way, there are martial arts, and practical systems such as Krav Maga. I am sorry that you find yourself in a place where pressure is placed to make a man fight for image. Violence should be a last resort, in my view, it takes a toll on the person dealing violence as well as the one receiving it.
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    Imagine if someone want to hurt or bother your girl. I maybe be dating this girl that i know and i just want to be ready to protect her, especially here in my country that things are violent.
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