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Medical How is allergy immunotherapy serum made?

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    So I've been dedicating this year to my health, and I need to take care of my allergy problem. Does anyone know how the serum is made such that it's sterilized but doesn't harm the allergens?

    I can't find anything about it using google, and I'm not paying ridiculous amounts for something so simple. Those idiots want $100 for the serum and $80 per injection plus 1k for the test to see what I react to when it's brain dead simple stuff. (Other than making the serum. I know there is danger to a strong reaction to the serum as well, but I can inject myself with the antihistamine to keep myself from dying just as well as they can.) God I hate the greed in the medical system.
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    The serum is the actual allergen that you are allergic to.

    The allergy test determines to what exactly you are allergic to. When I took the test I got reaction to at least 10 different things.

    The immunotherapy is a progressive injection of those allergens you are allergic to with increasing concentration every week, or two. After a few years of injections, the immune system gets dumbed down, and stops responding to those allergens.

    Allergy shots can be quite expensive. You have to do some shopping around. The cheapest one I've seen is for $25 bucks per injection.
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    I tested positive to over 20 things, the worst being trees and grasses. I took the shots for 2 years, and I went from being horribly miserable with swollen eyes to just a few sniffles during the tree and grass season.
    I have heard they don't work for everyone.
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    Thanks, but I knew this stuff. I'm looking to side step it since I'm fairly capable and the greed in the medical system in the US disgusts me. I would have it done in Mexico like I did everything else, but it won't work since it's over such a long period of time.

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    How many serums or allergens are there in the allergy tests? I don't think I'd want to risk injecting contaminated serum into my system. Are you a medical student or just someone who wants to save a buck or two? Do you have health insurance that could perhaps help cover some of the allergy test costs?
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