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A How high of atomic number to get g-block electrons?

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    I have just read that Element 118, Og, has been discovered, which it would seem will allow for a nice, neat Periodic Table again, last seen when Lw (103) was added (although that should be in Group III, but whatever, it was a nice, neat table). It seems to me that once Element 121 gets discovered, there will finally be an atom that has a g-block electron. Is this accurate? Will the Periodic Table have to start a new g-block section in a similar way that the rare earths represented the f-block?
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    We don't know. It's a natural extrapolation, but there appear to be plenty of complexities that could spoil it. This Wikipedia article provides a decent overview:

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    I would expect the current calculations on the first g block elements to be quite accurate.
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