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How i can make my questions not show on google

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    I was wondering how i can make my questions not show on google. Because it seems that other people can view my questions and answers when googled.
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    Re: Privacy

    All posts are public, just the way it is :)
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    Re: Privacy

    why would you not want google to show your questions? teacher checking up on whether you are doing the work yourself?
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    Re: Privacy

    I wouldn't have it any other way. An answer to a question posted on PF is a resource for anyone who is interested in physics, not just for the person who asked the question originally. If you want private answers, arrange for private tutoring.

    Also, Google search with the "site:" operator, e.g.

    relativistic mass site:physicsforum.com

    is a much more effective way of searching PF than PF's own forum search function is.
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