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How is the many worlds interpretation of QM related to the multiverse theory?

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    To my understanding you can believe in the multiverse theory without subscribing to many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. But can you subscribe to the many-worlds interpretation while also believing there is only this one universe (and that it just has hidden dimensions).

    Can someone please help me understand how these are related?
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    Multiverses are just parallel universes (or even distant parts of a single universe) separated informatically (no information may leak from one to another). So you may think about them regardless your metaphysical interpretation of QM, actually you may think about them without bothering about QM at all.
    In a strict meaning it is a self-contradiction: as the World splits into two (many) Worlds, we have many of them, not one.

    But you may believe that there exist just one tree of Everett's worlds.
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