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How is the therefore -sign orientated?

  1. Mar 15, 2009 #1
    How is the "therefore"-sign orientated?

    I would like to once and for all get some help sorting out an old confusion of mine: How are the dots in the "therefore"-sign orientated? Does it look like a pyramid or like a pyramid turned upside-down? Wikipedia says it is the pyramid but I have seen use of the upside-down pyramid by many people at my university; Chalmers, to mean "therefore". Also, the upside-down pyramid makes more sense to mean "therefore" since it is possible to imagine the sign to signify something like "this and this implies this", and vice versa for the "because" sign.

    Thankful for answers!
    /Andreas Draganis
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    Re: How is the "therefore"-sign orientated?

    Are you talking about the 'therefore' shorthand that looks like three dots? If so, the pyramid means therefore, and the inverted pyramid means because.
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    Re: How is the "therefore"-sign orientated?

    Ok, I will now consider it verified, the pyramid means therefore. Thanks!
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