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How long does it take on avg. to finish Spivak's Calculus book?

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    i would like to gain a deeper understanding of Calculus so i'm planning on self-studying more on the side. i will do majority of my studies during winter break but i'd like to know long it takes a student who has already taken Calculus 2 to finish his book?

    i know it's dependent on the person, but i'm committed and would just like to know.
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    Why not just get a regular analysis book like Pugh? He explains things very well. I don't think Spivak covers metric spaces or topology. Spivak is more like a half calculus/ half analysis book. In my opinion, it is pretty overrated.Here is the book.
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    If you're going back over it for mastery...possibly years. ;)

    It's not something you really want to do for speed...figure first pass over the course of a few months, maybe? Not full time, obviously. You don't want to do it as a block, anyway, you need time to digest & rest.
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