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How long does it take to Forget a subject for exams?

  1. Aug 15, 2013 #1
    How long does it take to "Forget" a subject for exams?

    I'm interested in studying a subject for exams, completing the basic studies a few weeks before the actual exam day. If I study it "deeply", meaning I have an understanding of it that is beyond the surface and I actually understand the meaning of the underlying math, will I be able to hold that knowledge for exam day?

    In general, do you think you can hold the knowledge for a subject you will be tested on - or you need to use it on your work - weeks after studying it? And if yes, what is the process that you should follow in order to do it properly?
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    I think it depends on many factors and even on the individual itself. As far as I know there's no hard-rule that states you will forget things after x days. Have you had any experience with your own study habits?
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