How many reminders does it take about DST?

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My E-mail has been inundated with reminders for two weeks, now. I finally give up. Just to make sure I don't forget, I'm setting my clock an hour ahead right now.

Whoah! It's time to go home from work already! Man, the time just flies! :rofl:
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Our Outlook e-mail system was "patched" by our IS folks a few nights ago to accommodate the new DST change. Whooo-boy. The silly system them proceded on its own to start sending out meeting notice re-invitations, to try to get the time change stuff incorporated I think.

Except many of the re-invitations had the wrong time and sometimes the wrong day on them, so chaos has reigned. I got invited to a technical meeting by a meeting room earlier this week (yes, invited by the room), and when I got there, there was a baby shower or something going on! Lordy.
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I don't know how many it takes, but I'm sure that come Sunday, I'll forget anyway.

And, yes, it sounds like all the calendar software is very confused by this change. I really don't understand why.

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