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How much demand is there for Geologists?

  1. Mar 25, 2016 #1
    1) The BLS states that there is above average growth for the field. Are there any asterisks or caveats to be aware of?

    2) Is a Master's Degree required to have real job prospects in the field?

    3) Are options extremely limited if one does not want to work for an oil company?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Hard to find up to data data - and it depends where you are expecting to look for work.
    If you are starting out - then it is very hard to predict what the market will be like 3-5 years down the track, it can change dramatically in just a couple of years.
    Most reports for 2015 seem to be predicting a downturn in geology positions.
    Generally it is your grades, and your other experience, that give you the best prospects: you need to look like you specifically studied for the job you are applying for to get the best chance. A BS- with relevant experience can expect to do better than an MS- without (ceteris paribus).

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