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How much does a Ph.D Student Earn?

  1. Apr 12, 2009 #1
    I was reading Zapper Z's "So you want to be a physicist" article. I'd like to ask how much does a Ph.D Student earn on average if they are a research assistant?

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    Asking for an on average I would check out http://www.aip.org/statistics/trends/highlite/grad/table8.htm

    It is really dependent on the school (and the source of the funding).

    When I was an RA, I was on fellowship and made 18K/year (12 month support) at the beginning then 20K/year (12 month support) for the last year since the fellowship was increased.

    When I did my masters (at a different school), the RAs were paid 15K/year or so (12 month support). But the cost of living there was much less.
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