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How much harder will calculus 1st year physics be?

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    Ok so I started this year as a pre-health major so I took the non-major physics classes (non calc based) and enjoyed them so much I want to take the calc based classes and start anew with physics next year. I did mechanics in semester 1, and E&M and optics and briefly touched on modern physics in semester 2. Next year I'll be doing mechanics first semester and then in second semester it seems like they ignore E&M and do just a lot about waves.

    Will it be easier because I've already taken the non calc course? Or is the non calc simplified so much that it will be quite difficult?
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    There is nothing really that difficult, except the fact that your professor may constantly reminding you that he would ask you to apply basic calculus in your exam questions. Now this is just my professor.

    There are more topics covered. But basic concepts are pretty much the same.
    Hint: I'd say go over the textbook whenever you can before you take the class. Ask people for the book.

    It may be easier in some sense, but not really. Physics require intuition. Knowing formulas do not help.
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    In my opinion, as long as you know calculus, the calc-based courses are easier than the non-calc based ones. The reason for this is you get to go through the derivations of various equations, instead of just hand-waving.
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