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How much is the call out charge?

Problem Statement
Attempt: 30 Euro ,which is hourly rate is call out charge.
Relevant Equations
Find call out charge?
The call out fee includes hourly rate
which is 30euro
Correct me if I'm wrong please,


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Call the fixed fee per hour F and the call out fee C. Then you are given that

3F + C = 140, 4F + C = 170

From this we find F = 30, C = 50.

This seems to match with your answer (if I interpret correctly what you mean), so you are correct.
@Rubies, since you didn't show any of your work, it appears that you are trying to answer the question by guessing, which isn't a good strategy. The approach shown by @Math_QED, which uses a system of equations, is a much better way to work on these kinds of problems.

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