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Homework Help: How much is the mass of the sun losing every second?

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    My friend told me that the sun is going to get smaller and smaller every year because it's getting used up? I've read that the power output is 4 x 10^26 Watts. How can i figure out how much mass it's losing a second? because then I will be able to find how long the sun will be able to shine on me and my children (hopefully).


    I don't really know how to attempt this problem because it's really random and i don't know any formulas for power.

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    nvm i think E=mc^2 will help me out thanks. wow I don't think my children will live to see the sun. sucks for them i am going to take lots of pictures i guess ..
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    1 watt = 1 joule per second

    Mass is converted into energy through the equation

    E = mc^2.

    But is the power quoted going to remain constant throughout all the time t to be calculated?
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