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How much knowledge do I need in Math

  1. Aug 19, 2015 #1
    I am starting grade 10, and want to become a doctor of some sort. But I admit, I am a little dodgy in math (Around 75%). In my other coarses, I excel at like Science, Socials, and French. But have never really grown a talent for math. So my question, Should I have better grades in math, or is it acceptable? Thanks :)
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    You should definitely attempt to do better. Math is cumulative, so your grades now will have an effect on your grades in college level math courses. Being a doctor isn't very math heavy- as far as actually practicing medicine (MD) goes. You will be expected to do well, however, and take quite a bit of math for your undergraduate; medical school is very competitive so it's in your best interest to seek tutoring now.
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    Yes, you probably should, as like Student100 said above, faulty foundations will ruin you in college.

    From what my premed friends tell me, you will want to, at the very least, be able to master basic differential and integral calculus so you can get better scores in your physics classes and your MCAT. Of course, depending your major, the amount of math you will learn will vary wildly: for example, a person majoring in physics will probably need a lot more math than the average premed.

    As for how much math doctors actually use on the job, I am not sure. I hear radiologists need to know a fair bit of math and physics, but it would probably be better if somebody with more experience with this chimes in.
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