Automotive How much power is needed to haul a weight up an incline at a certain speed

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Power needed to pull weight up an incline
Good afternoon everyone, I need help with a certain calculation. How much power is needed to pull a 250lb load up a 45 degree incline at 5 mph. I am working on a project at school and would like to know what kind of motor we can use. Thank you very much!


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You have to overcome gravity and air resistance and rolling friction and axle friction.
Ignoring the last three for now, and just looking at gravity, it produces a force down the incline of
m(g sin theta) = (250/32)(32)(.707) or about 175 pounds. But before we talk about power, we need to know if doing the power calculation yourself is part of your assignment, because we don’t give homework help without your first showing an attempt. I already gave you a hint.

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