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Homework Help: How much power is radiated by the human body?

  1. Nov 16, 2008 #1
    The power per unit area radiated by an ideal blackbody radiator is P/A = σT4, where P = power, A = surface area, the Stefan-Boltzmann constant is σ = 5.67 ×10−8 W m−2 K−4, and T = temperature (in the absolute kelvin scale).

    How much power is radiated by the human body? Calculate the total power radiated by a blackbody cylinder of height 1.22 m and radius 0.15 m at human body temperature. (Ignore radiation from the ends of the cylinder.) (The result is considerably more than the power radiated by a human body, because skin is not a good radiator in the infrared.)
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    Please show your attempted solution, per the Forum rules.
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