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How much programming is typical in electrical engineering?

  1. Jul 3, 2015 #1
    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to start my first year of college and I'm trying to decide between mechanical and electrical engineering. At first I was more interested in electrical, but then I heard that electrical engineers do a lot of programming which I'm not really big on. How much programming do they typically do? Any insight would be grateful. Thanks.
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    Just go to your university's website and compare the two curriculums. The amount of programming required by electrical engineering departments varies from school to school. However, EE usually does require more than ME.

    I don't think it's a good idea to choose a major that you are less interested in just to avoid programming. Programming is a good skill to start developing while you're in school.
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    First off much of your coursework will require some computations and so you will be introduced to matlab which can be used interactively to do calculations or programmatically to automate repeated calculations.

    Another area would be mechatronics where you might need to program a controller hooked to sensors and actuators for some cool project.

    It would be best to be familar with programming otherwise you will only limit yourself in your career later on.
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    Most engineers are more employable if they have solid programming skills. MEs who can program are much more valuable than MEs who cannot. Most EEs have good programming skills, as these skills tend to be more required in the degree process.
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