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How much will be the gravity of the sun if i make it like a stick

  1. Jan 24, 2014 #1
    If i rip the sun and make it into tiny packets, a size of about a normal house and then align it in a straight line, each box having 10 cm separation, then how strong will be the gravity at the end of the line? Will it have gravity stronger than a normal sun?
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    How would you go about finding the answer to this? Since it is a pointless question, I'm not going to do the calculations for you.
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    I guess your answer is pointless. I asked a thought experiment. If you don't know the answer/don't wanna answer, then ignore the question. My question will get answer from another forum.
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    I'd suggest asking this in a general physics forum. The relativistic effects will probably be small, and the Newtonian answer will be a lot easier to compute.

    Any attempt at a GR solution would be very difficult (you'd probably be best off with some PPN approximation), and you'd need to specify the details of how the sun got held into its unnatural stick shape to even attempt an valid answer.
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    If you spread out the mass into a continuous distribution along a line, this is (classically) analogous to the electric field from a finite line charge in classical electrostatics. It's a common exercise in E&M classes, and requires only some integral calculus. A Google search will probably turn it up pretty quickly. Just change the constants by comparing Coulomb's law with Newton's law of gravitation.
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    Wanna? I don't think infantilized writing is helping you make your case.

    You are not "asking a thought experiment". You are asking us to do a calculation for you. We're not "gonna" do that for you. That's not how PF operates. If you want help in doing that calculation, we will help you. Please show us how far you got on your own.
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